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Yankee go home? Ok, we will

Yankee go home? Ok, we will

: I was hoping the David’s Medienkritik would translate this irony-rich piece from Die Zeit; my German isn’t good enough to catch the nuance: Namely, Zeit notes the humor of Germans suddenly whining about our troops leaving.

Ach, look, how the Americans have again suddenly become so dear and precious to the Germans when it hits them in the wallet. The announced withdrawal of large numbers of US troops stationed in Germany has unleashed consternation at the threatening loss of jobs and accusations that the Americans want to get themselves out of their

Good news!

Good news!

: New York journalist and Iraqi hostage Micah Garen has been released.

Go, team!

Go, team!

: Drudge says Bush may go to Athens to root for the Iraqi soccer team. No, really.



: Ed Cone has a downright brilliant column giving into the trend in political discourse these days with a SHOUTING POINTS MEMO. An excerpt of his advice:

I am right, and you are wrong.

You are not just wrong, you and those like you are intellectually insufficient and morally suspect. Why do you hate our country? Think of the children….

You speak in cliches, slogans and sound bites. I speak in pithy phrases and time-tested words of wisdom. You call names, I tell it like it is. You are vulgar, I am colorful.

My candidate is a hero. Yours is a zero. One cannot compare the youthful hijinks of my guy with the youthful wantonness of yours. My guy makes mistakes, yours commits sins of the worst kind. And likes it. My guy was misquoted, or simply misspoke, while your guy was caught on tape saying exactly what I expected him to say….

Your attempt at humor reveals your narrow-minded bigotry. Your reaction to my own attempt at humor shows that you cannot take a joke.

I disagree with what you say, and I will defend to the death my right to tell you so. Jerk.

Enjoy the rest. Mark my words: This is going to be a classic.

If we in this supposedly conversation medium will not stand up for a higher level of discourse, who the hell will?

Tet offensive

Tet offensive

: Meep leaves a wonderful comment below and I quote in full:

Jeeez. Boomers.

Vietnam was over before I was =born=. And boomers =still= think they’re the center of America. Well, I’ve gotta say, not for much longer.

Most people my age don’t even know what the whole Vietnam thing was about, and why it’s considered a “bad” war compared to those “good” wars. What’s the diff between Korea and Vietnam, I’d like to know, other than in Vietnam we let the commies win?

You know what this reminds me of? “The South Will Rise Again” nuts. Think of the bitterness of the old confederate vets that festered for years… and the South remained a backwater until it gave up that confederate outlook and decided to join the 20th century and become a magnet for business. Are boomers going to be eating their livers in retirement because of Vietnam? Sounds like it to me.

Looking at my mortality tables (I’m an actuarial-type), I note that boomer deaths are really going to pick up over the next couple decades. I’m hoping that will finally get people to shut up about Vietnam. I notice that generation Xers (my generation) don’t go on about this crap – unlike the children of the confederates, we’re not carrying this forth to future generations. So I guess the boomers should wallow in this while they’re still alive, because their children sure won’t.

I just hope that in 2035 someone not yet born writes in a medium not invented: “Jeez. Xers. Iraq was over before I was =born=.”

Come to think of it, I do hope that in 2035, someone not yet born writes, “The war on terror was over before I was born.” We can only hope.

: Anil adds in the comments:

Being the same age as Meep, I have to agree and also point out that it’s likely that we’re the ones (those born 1975 and later) who are likely to decide this election. Keep on blathering about non-issues, folks…

: And Robert Sterling pipes in:

FWIW, I’m an early X-er born in 1970, with a fairly keen recollection of the mid-70s. I remember how bad hippies smelled, and that alone is nearly sufficient to indict your generation.

Hey, I was clean. I wore really goofy purple shirts and sandals (no socks). But I was clean.