Change what?

Change what?

: So the much hyped ChangeThis collection of uninteractive PDF essays launches. And what do they want to change?

: Don’t kill children with sugar in drinks.

: Don’t execute children (I sense a theme here).

: Email etiquette (a fresh topic!).

: Marriage as a basic human right.

: Customer evangelism.

: Guy Kawasaki on start-ups.

Haven’t read them yet. Would have liked to have browsed them this morning but you can’t browse PDFs.

: Meanwhile, note that MoveOn has named its anti-Bush music tour the Vote for Change tour.

Change is the word of the day these days.

But change what? Change why? Change how? Change for the sake of change is meaningless and even destructive. The communists made change for change’s sake a political philosphy and see where that got them. Change on its own is an empty word and that’s just why these folks use it: They want you to fill this empty vessel of a word with whatever you have in mind.

I’d rather vote for someone than for change.