Posts from July 30, 2004

The John-John moment

jfk_jr_salute.jpgkerrysalute2.jpgThe John-John moment

: That’s what I called it last night: Kerry’s John-John moment. Just a tad too cute. Did you cringe just then? I did.

Did they intend this to be a separated-at-birth scene: the Kennedy legacy handed down from Bostonian to Bostonian in Boston, from JFK to JFK to JFK?

Well, Senator, we know JFK; JFK was a friend of ours; Senator, you’re no JFK.

F’ing DNC

F’ing DNC

: The man in charge of the balloons last night dropped more than helium on the DNC; he dropped the F bomb on CNN. If this had gone out on broadcast, many of the legislators sitting in that hall would have the stations and networks that aired that one silly little word hundreds of thousands of dollars each.



: Steve Garfield vlogged the convention. I’m surprised I didn’t see more citizen video from Boston.

: Speaking of vlogging, Unmediated finds a very nice video hosting service that lets you add video to your blog. Have at it, future Michael Moores!

Finnish humor

Finnish humor

: A Finnish friend of Die Zeit blogger Jochen Bittner sends him a picture of a t-shirt from up/over there with these words on the back:


Blush off the Apple

Blush off the Apple

: I used to be a diehard Apple fan. But then I had a string of machines that were not red but yellow; they were lemons. I deserted Apple.

I’ve been tiptoeing back. I got my iPod Mini and yesterday I picked up an Airport Express.


The iPod crashed bad last night — because of Apple’s own iPod updater. Thing was working fine. But after updating it wants to be plugged in. It didn’t think it was plugged in and wouldn’t do anything else. Resets didn’t work. Then a reset apparently hosed the drive. iPod dead. I call Apple; wait forever; told I’m six days past my 90-day phone time; I say it was their goddamned updater that did this to me; he listens; he agrees. iPod dead.

I’d play Taps… if I could.

Fred Wilsons’ iPod crashed yesterday. Om Malik’s iPod died, too. Dreaded clicking noise, just like mine.

The Airport Express is OK, but setup wasn’t the breeze it’s supposed to be. Worse, when I tried to follow the instructions to set up profiles, it kept crashing my Vaio (Apple’s revenge). And the instructions bear no resemblance to the software.

The problem with Apple for years now has been that it pays more attention to design, aesthetics, UI, and advertising than it does to nitty-gritty technical matters. I was thinking about buying a Mac again. Now I’m doubting it.

: UPDATE: Om says it’s more than a coincidence, it’s a good news story: The iPod updater is killing iPods.

: UPDATE: See the post above. A good Apple manager listened to my problem and whining and went the extra mile to try to solve it. And that is the kind of customer service conversation that keeps me around.