The big time

The big time

: N.Z. Bear reports in the comments below:

And Paramount just took out a significant BlogAds buy for The Manchurian Candidate, on Instapundit, my site, and presumably lots of others. Not sure, but that’s the first major-release film I can recall seeing doing blogads advertising…

  • The movie took out a blogad on my site, too. I was pretty surprised – happy, but surprised.

  • I’ve had a home-made blogad on my site for the Scottish Movie, “Young Adam” for a couple of months now:
    Seems to work rather well, given how tiny my audience is compared to TV or whatnot.

  • matt

    I just noticed a blogad for the New Yorker on Glenn’s site. That’s interesting too. I may be changing jobs to a high tech company and i’ll be badgering them about blogs and blog ads from the second i walk through the door.