Blogging the convention, followup

Blogging the convention, followup

: I still want to see a complete list of the bloggers who got credentials to the convention (and those who did not). This is an issue of skewing coverage: Imagine of the Democrats tried to keep FoxNews out; it’s just as bad keeping a right-wing blogger out. I want to see all perspectives.

Michele left the troubling news in the comments below that Command Post didn’t get credentialed and that’s shocking and just dumb, for it is the best citizens’ news weblog out there.

More updates in the comments here.

Come on, DNC: Cough up the lists.

: UPDATE: Kevin Aylward at Wizbang reports that two bloggers were disinvited from the convention. Bill at INDC Journal writes about his disinvite here. And John Tabin writes about his here.

Come on, DNC, this is the age of transparency. Show up the other guys by not only inviting bloggers but by not being afraid to invite bloggers who may dare to disagree.

DNC: Reinvite them.

: UPDATE: Susan Mernit reports these folks are in:

Dave Weinberger and Aldon Hynes are among the bloggers who have been credentialed by the DNC–and they will be blogging the convention. Dave Winer , Jay Rosen, Taegan Goddard and Kos are going as well.

: UPDATE: Jay Rosen has a letter from the DNC saying it was all logistics, not leanings: They accepted too many bloggers and then had to reject some. I don’t buy it. The equation is quite simple: We have this much room; we’re going to invite this many. Transparency, folks, transparency.

: CyberJournalist is keeping a list of those going. I also want to see a list of those turned away.

: UPDATE: Some useful convention notes from Aaron Bailey, who’s putting together a convention aggregator and who reports there’ll be no wi-fi on the floor because TV interferes.