Blogging the convention

Blogging the convention

: Jay Rosen just got word that he is one of the bloggers credentialed to cover the Democratic National Convention and he writes about it today. Here’s hoping that the bloggers manage to find some real news in the real echo chamber.

: UPDATE: Dave Winer’s going.

Kos is going.

No surprises there.

The question is whether they had the balls to deliver some surprising credentials. Anybody have a list yet?

  • Sandy P

    Blogger convention drinking game?

  • I applied for credentials, but was turned down. Of course, I write a baseball blog, but if reporters cover an election like a sporting event, wouldn’t a sports writer do a better job?

  • Dave Weinberger and Aldon Hynes are among the bloggers who have been credentialed by the DNC–and they will be blogging the convention. Dave Winer , Jay Rosen, Taegan Goddard and Kos are the others I am aware of–waiting for someone to build a list.
    I would like to see Ezra Klein go.

  • Dexter Westbrook

    It’s hilarious that these guys are wetting themselves over getting credentials to cover the Democratic National Convention.
    Lemme tell ya, boys and girls — I’ve been there, and you’re wasting your money. Unless you’re a delegate looking to party or hit the tourist attractions, or a local politician looking to hit up PAC contributors, these things are a crashing bore.
    Many of the media organizations I’m familiar with are cutting way back on their convention coverage, and wisely so. In the meantime, the bloggers are fighting for credentials!
    It’s beyond funny.

  • Bill from INDC Journal was invited … then uninvited. The DNC’s vetting process resembles the candidate’s stand on issues.

  • Looks like Command Post didn’t get in. I didn’t want to go to Boston anyway.

  • Actually, so far no word from the DNCC. I’ll be disappointed if we’re not (and I’m presuming we won’t be accredited), as we’re likely the only non-opinion / news-wire oriented site to apply (and given our pedigree of extensive credibility and contact with the mainstream press).
    Hell, due to other commitments we both turned down the same CNBC appearance on blogs at the convention that Kos and Eric Schnure (who runs the DNCC blog) ultimately accepted. So it’s not like we’re equally legitimate in the eyes of the press.
    We’re probably the only ones who wouldn’t spin the story … left or right. If we’re not credentialed, maybe that’s the reason?

  • So it’s not like we’re equally legitimate in the eyes of the press.
    … “it’s not like we’re NOT equally legitimate” … but with quality control like that, perhaps we’re not …

  • Dexter- blow me. I’m a delegate looking to party. LOL.

  • Anon

    I’m dealing with getting credentials for an established magazine and the Senate Press Gallery (who ultimately issues them) and the DNC are horribly disorganized. Same goes for RNC. I’m guessing the entire staffs are too busy to deal with anyone right now.

  • Tom

    Aldon Hynes (who is going, as Susan Mernit pointed out) posted a comment at my site about a list currently running at CyberJournalist – Jonathan Dube has eight names on the list so far, including Winer, Weinberger, Goddard, Rosen, Kos, Jerome Armstrong, Hynes, and Jeralyn Merritt. I’ve seen one or two other names sprinkled here and there, but nothing else comprehensive.