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saddam1.jpgIraqi Court TV

: Saddam faces justice. “This is all theater, the real criminal is Bush,” he said.

: Video here (no audio).


Mohammed bids a fond farewell to Paul Bremer.

No, really, he does. The occupation had plenty of problems but too infrequently (as in yesterday’s NY Times) it wasn’t acknowledged that it had problems because there was terrorism everywhere. The CPA turned into an instant bureacracy that received the scorn of American authorities.

But let’s give Bremer his due: He was thrown into the world’s worst job and he took it on with honor and gave the Iraqi people respect.

: Zeyad writes about the handover after getting off the road:

Overall, I can say that Baghdadis are cautiously optimistic about the new developments, they have postponed their judgement on the government until they sense some real changes on the ground. Security remains the primary concern, and if the present measures continue I can say that it would improve drastically. I really hope we would see less and less American troops on the streets in the next few days.