Let the man speak

Let the man speak

: The Wall Street Journal says the right is boiling over Fahrenheit and some unAmerican idiots actually are trying to get it pulled from theaters:

Some activists want to confront the movie’s controversial assertions or even stop theaters from showing it; others, including the White House, are keeping a low profile to avoid hyping the film….

But some eaglets — conservative groups operating without sanction from the White House — have started a late-game campaign to remove Mr. Moore’s movie from theaters and its advertisements from television sets. Move America Forward, a new conservative group based in Sacramento, Calif., and formed to support U.S. troops abroad, lobbied movie houses last week to ban the film and urged viewers to boycott it. Citizens United, a conservative grass-roots group based in Washington, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission last week saying the movie’s promotional ads, if they continue to run past the end of July, will violate campaign-finance laws.

Such moves may be playing right into Mr. Moore’s hands — and his pocketbook. “I want to thank all the right-wing organizations out there who tried to stop this movie either through harassment campaigns, going to the FEC to get our ads removed from television, or the things said on television,” says the filmmaker. “They have only encouraged more people to go and see it.”

Listen, I’ve made it clear that I think the film is a pile of poop. But I think it should be shown and I certainly think that any effort to stop it from being seen is not only stupid — it does, indeed, turn Moore’s paranoia into a self-fulfilling prophecy and a profitable one at that. But, more important, it is utterly unAmerican.