MT pricing, the next try

MT pricing, the next try

: SixApart released new pricing for Movable Type and though I haven’t studied it yet, it looks like a big improvement:

: Free edition for one author, three blogs, no support.

: Personal edition, $69.95, for five authors and unlimited blogs for “personal use.”

: Unlimited personal edition, $99.95, for unlimited authors and blogs for “personal use.”

Definiton of personal use: “If you’re an individual whose blogs don’t support a commercial endeavor, you can use the Personal Use license. (Incidental revenue such as Google AdSense, Amazon Associates fees, PayPal tip jars, or other similar programs which aren’t the main purpose of the site are allowed under the personal license.)”

: Commercial for 5-50 users for $199.95 to $1299.95.

I still think they should publish a price for unlimited commercial use; not to do so is to think small. If, a big MT user, were shopping today, would this take them up short?

: Educational for $39.95 for a single teacher and classroom to $999.95 for more than 1,000 students.

: More complicated pricing for not-for-profits.