: For some reason, no one can post comments. Not my doing. Anybody know what the heck could have happened???? Here’s the story:

Suddenly, my blog is accepting no comments. When someone tries to submit a comment, they get this message:

“Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: You are not allowed to post comments. Please correct the error in the form below, then press POST to post your comment.”

Comments are OPEN in default and in each post I try. This is happening only in my main Buzzmachine blog; tested in another blog and it works.

Made a small change in comment configuration and rebuilt to try to fix it; didn’t work.

I changed nothing on the server.

However, last night, my host (Hosting Matters) went down and I believe that happened just as I was closing comments on ONE POST (a very old one) to deal with a comment spammer.

Help! What can I do?

: UPDATE: Just fixed it. When banning a comment spammer last night, I managed to submit a blank line to the banned IP list — thus, everyone was banned. Thus, the silence.

They should all be so easy.

Comments open again. But all of you who thought, “Oh, man, I guess I went too far and he’s banned me” …