: Living in Europe celebrates a German mea culpa for anti-Americanism:

Well, now, what have we got here? Why, it’s Andreas Rinke writing in today’s issue of Germany’s leading financial newspaper, Handelsblatt, and regretting the repulsive anti-Americanism that’s become the leitmotif of German discourse this past while.

His op-ed is entitled “Der gute Deutsche” (“The good German”), and in it Rinke takes his fellow citizens to task for their arrogance and their ignorance….

“It is with astonishing nonchalance that the ordinary German judges the moral deficits of the superpower,” Rinke writes. “Responsible for this, is a mixture of schadenfreude, political rejection and cultural arrogance.” The key graf:

“And that, by the way, is why it is so presumptuous to boast about the apparently better ability of the Germans at “nation building”. Here the torturing US soldier, there the school-building German army