Hot blog babes!

Hot blog babes!

: Getaloada the cheekbone action in this meeting of Washington’s — if not America’s — two hottest bloggers: Wonkette and Washingtonienne.

Now if you’ve missed the saga of Washingtonienne, she blogged about her alleged Capitol Hill sex and was fired by Sen. Mike DeWine. The Washington Post sums it up. Wonkette has had the story at every step.

Washingtonienne said that she was paid after (if not for) sex. The Post reports:

One diary entry described a “married man who pays me for sex” as “chief of staff at one of the gov agencies, appointed by Bush.” That man, she claimed, paid her $400 on Tuesday for sex, but she declined to provide his name to The Post, saying, “I’m not trying to ruin his life.” (On her blog she identified all the men by initials.)

And for this, she was fired.

I think she could claim protection under the whistleblower law. She says she, ahem, blew a government official’s whistle and then blew the whistle on him and she was fired. I say she should sue to get her measly $25k job back…. or at least get that much on her book and movie rights.

  • mm

    Forgive my ignorance, but does the Whistlebower Law protect you from being fired for illegal activity? She was, afterall, soliciting herself. Presumably most government employees would be fired for admitting similar criminal acts.

  • Franky

    I don’t think she was solicting sex. That would be to offer sex for money, something we don’t know if she did (she claims in interviews it wasn’t a strctly sex for cash relationship, rather sugaar-daddy buying gifts, but I think that might be damage control).
    Anyway, reading her, she sounds too cool to work in senator’s office, too cool even for washington, not known for its fascinating or beautiful people.

  • Get a grip. She was fired for being indiscrete from a job that requires descretion. If I had an employee at my office that was carrying on like that on the internal problems at work, especially if they were blogging about work – they would be gone. I’ve seen people let go for mouthing off online many times.
    A Republican Senator too. What do you expect?
    Grow up people – in the real world you can get fired for doing something stupid. Don’t be stupid.
    Sounds like she could give a rats ass anyways.

  • Veloer

    It looks as if both of them have a lot stuffed their…..cheeks.

  • Sydney Carton

    I think they should arrest her for prostituting herself. This girl is a whore and should suffer the consequences, and they should round up her Johns too.

  • lindenen

    If she identified all the men by their initials, then it should be pretty easy to figure out who they are.

  • Franky

    She’s a blogger and she’s hot. Have some sort of laws of physics been broken?

  • Franky

    Seriously, I think she should have been fired. Even the appearance of impropriety in a senate office will lead to getting fired, but I wish her all the luck in the world. Seems a cool chick reading the interviews with her.

  • Bloggers have IDed two of the six men.
    If they are right, a guy who hired the interns for Lieberman was having sex with her while she was an intern. And considering his boss slammed Clinton for having sex with an intern and lectured everyone on morals…
    And the other is a counsel for Sen. Dewine on the judiciary committee.
    It will be interesting to see if their names go beyond the blog world and the Bush appointee who paid her $400 for a long lunch on a workday is revealed.

  • MrAcheson

    She also likely signed on to an ethics code when she got her job. Accepting large unreported gifts is one of the quickest ways to get in trouble with professional ethics. All that unreported income is an offense even if what she did to generate it isn’t.

  • Sydney Carton

    Good point. She’s probably committing tax fraud as well.

  • R C Dean

    Seems a cool chick reading the interviews with her.
    Yeah, if you think taking money for sex, and then bragging about it on the internet, is cool. Personally, I don’t (take money for sex, brag about it on the internet, or think its cool).

  • Angelos

    Every man pays for sex. Dating and marriage aren’t cheap, if you hadn’t noticed.
    And everyone in politics is a whore or a john.
    So, if Mr. X gives Washintonienne $200 she can put towards her rent, is that any worse (or different) than going out to a dinner that costs $200, hoping he’ll get some?

  • Jonathan

    You already seem aware that it is. Re-read your own question, and dwell on the word “hoping.”

  • Franky

    I think one’s reaction to this girl is like a litmus test.
    It splits people pretty evenly, and people can’t understand why the people on the other side would feel the way they do, positive or negative.