Cameras equal transparency

Cameras equal transparency

: I get the military need for secrecy.

But not these days!

And so it would be quite numbnutty if it’s true that Rumsfeld is ordering a ban on camera phones, digital cameras, and camcorders in Iraq and the military. Ban stupidity, don’t ban exposing it.

  • This is one of those stories that is going to be headlines up until the moment a DOD spokesman goes on the record and gives the “No, Mr. Rumsfeld has not banned digital camera phones in Iraq and has no plans to ban digital cameras of any type anywhere in the world.”
    Then the story will die until the next time some “journalist” needs to crank up their weekend hits. Its amazing what people will beleive.

  • Tom:
    I sure hope you’re right! And if you see that story, please let me know and I will post it pronto.

  • Peter

    Well, being a veteran I would hope to Gawd that those camera phones are already banned. How many American deaths could one quick pic of the wrong map cause?
    How many deaths from the loadout, time and direction and where and how many escorting vehicles in a convoy?

  • …or at least a way to bring some common sense to the guys who bring a cameraphone into a secure space, taking candids and forgetting the classified chart behind the people in the photo.

  • felixrayman

    Well, I see Rumsfeld wasn’t lying when he said he took full responsibility for the fiasco. No one paid any attention to the story when it was simply the word of the liberal media like the Red Cross for instance, they only paid attention when the pictures came out. And by banning cameras, Rumsfeld has ensured that this travesty will never, ever happen again.
    Isn’t it moments like this that make you proud to be an American? There was a problem and the Secretary of Defense stepped up to the plate, took responsibility, and solved it.
    God bless America.

  • shark

    You know, if you think about it, digital cameras and cellphone cameras actually can produce a security risk in a lot of situations. I have been wondering when they military would crack down on them. IT just makes a lot of sense really. (Remember, the military isn’t a democracy)
    Maybe they can be permissable in certain areas, or regulated. But I certainly don’t think they’re being banned for a nefarious reason like you imply Jeff.

  • Here is a link that explains how this silly story got started:
    How a someone could confuse a ban on wireless devices with a ban on digital cameras is a question only a “journalist” could answer.