Been there, done that

Been there, done that

: Garry Trudeau proves he has run out of ideas. He takes the idea Ted Koppel took from, oh, a hundred hacks before him: He’s running the names of all the U.S. Iraq war dead in his cartoon. Now that’s fresh.

  • Tim

    Someone should list all the American dead of World War II in similar fashion. Oh wait, 1) that would take too much space and 2) that war was popular!

  • Jorg

    heh heh
    Head of the Iraqi Puppet Council dead? Check
    Hearts and minds campaign dead? Check
    Sunnis in open revolt? Check
    Shias in open revolt? Check
    Falling poll numbers? Check
    I wonder at what point the warbloggers will finally turn against Bush? Seems the self-enfleecing of their eyes will go on for a while yet

  • this is not the freshest idea to be sure.
    but actually I have found the storyline about B.D. getting wounded to be very well done.

  • Is it *really* the fact that it’s done before that bothers you?
    Come on. How about some intellectual honesty here.
    You’re for the war. He’s against it. Let’s call a spade a spade, huh?

  • kkl

    Gary who?

  • Michael Zimmer

    Different medium = different message

  • Trump

    When he lists the 9/11 dead, then I’ll give a crap about what he has to say

  • Trump

    Hearts and minds campaign dead? Check
    Sunnis in open revolt? Check
    Shias in open revolt? Check
    Falling poll numbers? Check

    Jorg’s intelligence dead…………. check.

  • anne.elk

    It takes a special kind of dupe to come out against someone enumerating the names of our war dead on Memorial Day.
    Congratulations to you Jeff.
    Why do you hate our soldiers, our sons and daughters?

  • Sydney Carton

    I think that the American public sees these for what they are: exploitative. The fact remains, this war is amazingly successful in comparison to others and liberals hope that by listing the dead it will seem great in comparison. They’re wrong. It won’t, and it won’t work to undermine the war effort either.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Aw, Anne.elk…you’re not even trying anymore, well you are trying, (very trying), but this is a pathetic attempt to put Jeff on the defensive. Why not just ask him if he stopped beating his wife today?
    If Trudeau gave a rat’s ass about the soldiers, I’d be all for it. But even you know that’s not why he’s doing this.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he said “killed by Bush” after each name.

  • felixrayman

    Supporting the troops does not include dropping the names of the dead down the memory hole. A completely shameful post.
    I mean really. Here is the offical BuzzMachine position:
    I want wars to be fought in my name and with my money but no one should remind me that the cost of those wars includes corpses of American kids.

  • Bob

    If Trudeau was actually serious about honoring the dead, why does he limit it to Iraq? What about the American soldiers killed in Afganistan?
    The fact that he does limit it proves that it is strictly a propaganda moment for him.

  • Outcault

    I’m sure the esteemed Entertainment Weekly never did anything that wasn’t supa funky fresh, eh Jarvis?