Arianna Huffington Day!

Arianna Huffington Day!

: Did the mayor declare Monday Arianna Huffington Day in New York?

I’m going to cross paths with her three times on Monday:

We’re both going to be on Micah Sifry’s panel at the Personal Democracy Forum.

Then she’s going to be at a panel I can’t wait to hear put on by The Week Magazine at Grand Central: Huffington, Bill Maher (who hasn’t blogged in months), FoxNews’ John Gibson (a long, long-ago pal from SanFran), and Michelle Malkin discuss with moderator Harry Evans, “Censorship or common decency? The backlash against media excess.” I’m planning on blogging it live, assuming I can fit my laptop next to the shrimp salad.

And then that night she’s going to be at the next Citizens’ Table dinner.