No fame, no fortune

No fame, no fortune

: Newsweek has a very brief brief about making money from blogs. Glad to see that Henry Copeland’s BlogAds gets a plug. I spent a good half-hour on the phone with the editor replaying the Bloggercon spiel. This is life at newsmagazines.

  • Jurgend-Javier

    In all fairness, you do deserve a mention because of your involvement with this topic and the effort you put into this blog. I think you have more original content than instapundit.
    But again, why should the blogosphere require validation from the print media? Compare the number of people with Internet access with those who subscribe to Newsweek.

  • Jeff,
    I agree with Jurgend-Javier, you should get credit for writing interesting posts on the commercial aspect of blogging. Blogads is a fascinating way of advertising. It has been an added value to my blog.
    All the Best,
    Martin Lindeskog.
    Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • mm

    I can’t wait for blogs to embrace more advertising and other money-making opportunities. Then they can be just like Newsweek! 75% ads, 25% content!!

  • Blogs and Blogads are both FAR more mature a medium than they were even 6-12 months ago.
    People are still asking, “But what will happen once the train leaves the station…?”
    Heh. The train has already left the station. Just not everybody’s clued up enough to realize it.