Shameless self-linking

Shameless self-linking
: If you’re in NY, be sure to come to the Apple store tonight, where I’ll referee Nick Denton and Jason Calacanis.

: Pegged to that event, Gothamist sneaked up on me for its interview.

: Jon Fine writes about blogs and business in Ad Age today. Sadly, it’s unlinkable. I blather about the potential for hyperlocal citizens’ media; Nick Denton plays the pooh-pooh pooba; Henry Copeland gets a nice quote and blog for BlogAds; Ana Marie Cox is quoted and called scabrous (her family must be so proud).

: And while I’m plugging, go to a chain bookstore near you today and buy a copy of The Nation with my story on the FCC, the First Amendment, and Howard Stern. Imagine their shock if Howard becomes the top-selling cover boy of the year!

: Update: See Steve Rubel on the Ad Age story.