: The only Saudi blogger I know of, the Religious Policeman, begins to lift the veil on himself in an FAQ:

1. Who are you?

I am a Saudi, living in Riyadh. I am married (to my one and only ever wife), have a family, a Filipino maid, and a driver (her husband). Beyond that, I am not prepared to disclose….

4. Why are you publishing a Blog?

I’m a great believer in the Internet, and in the power of information to cast a light into the darker corners of our world. I’m addressing an English-speaking audience, in the hope that they will recognize that on the whole we are good folk, just like anyone else, but caught between an ultra-conservative Royal dictatorship on one side, and terrorists on the other. I am that this will inform their opinions of us. I would also like to encourage my fellow-countrymen to become fellow-bloggers as well.

5. Is it dangerous to do this?

The ruling elite would not look kindly upon my efforts. If found out, I would certainly lose my job, as already happens to those who publish critical letters in the press. I might also become a guest of Prince Nayif, until I “got my mind right”. However I’m not a super-hero; if I suspect that a net is closing, then I will cease blogging….