The Daily Stern:

The Daily Stern:

: NEXT YEAR, THEY’LL PLAY THE SUPER BOWL IN TUTUS: Budweiser has put down its farting horse because of Nipplegate and now all the Super Bowl adverftisers are talking about putting on chastity belts next year. Yes, we wouldn’t want any testosterone or drunkenness associated with a football game!

  • C’mon, you’re not going to tie a farting horse to this free speech campaign, are you? Do horse’s get free speech, and is a fart … speech?
    That commercial, er, blew me away in it’s basic premise, and the impression left afterwards; when you think horse fart’s, think Bud!
    That didn’t have anything to do with obscenity, that had to do with quality. That was simply one of the worst ads in Super Bowl history.

  • Sydney Carton

    This isn’t about freedom of speech, for Mr. Jarvis. The FCC licensining issue is really about property rights. The Superbowl ads are about moral taste and the best way to sell your product. I think Jarvis thinks they’re all linked together through some sort of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, or something.
    That’s the problem with so-called “freedom of speech” crusaders. They confuse what one is allowed to say, with what one SHOULD say. And in the end, they become apologists for crude and offensive behavior. What Budweiser does is not a 1st Amendment issue, as any idiot first year law student could tell you.
    I’m waiting for the day that someone devoted to freedom of speech also become devoted to manners.

  • John

    Yea, I remember as a kid watching Joe Namath leading the New York Jets to that amazing Super Bowl III upset over the Baltimore Colts back in 1969 and thinking “Damn, if only the network standards and practices people would allow farting horse commericals, this game would be perfect…”

  • manners?
    odd you talk about manners in “The Daily Stern”.
    if Howard’s popularity can teach you anything, Sydney, is that there are millions of polite adults who actually enjoy a little childish humor from time to time. be it from farting horses or drunken dwarves or stuttering interviewers.
    call me conservative, but shouldnt the market decide what makes a good Super Bowl commercial?
    companies Should treat adults as adults.
    howard does and he’s rewarded with huge ratings and fans of all walks.

  • Robert E. Bihlmayer

    “shouldnt the market decide what makes a good Super Bowl commercial?”
    quote, from the New York Times article:
    “You can still be creative and be careful about sophomoric humor,” said Steven Blamer, president and chief executive for the North American operations of Grey Worldwide in New York, part of the Grey Global Group.
    “You have to be sensitive to the mood,” he added, “and I think the mood has changed significantly.”
    the mood has changed significantly. that’s not government he’s talking about; it’s the reaction of the market to a mass media culture that, quite simply, has gone way, way too far.

  • if the mood has changed significantly then why is britney, christina, eminem, the sopranos, sex & the city, and howard stern doing so well?
    why is hip hop dominating the pop charts?
    why is the most violent movie ever breaking box office records?
    why is “reality” tv the most popular shows on the idiot box – and when it’s not it’s CSI and Law & Order where every episode begins with at least one murder?
    the only mood that has changed significantly is that Big Media has turned into puppets of the extremist conservative bush/powell fcc administration because of nipplegate.
    there was no public outcry, there was corporate fear and cowardice.
    if anything the “market” yawned at janet’s nipple in the same way they yawned at the release of her record.
    it was michael powell who freaked out and overreacted by the equipment malfunction, not america.

  • Sydney Carton

    Tony, I think you’re just wrong about that. Congress wouldn’t be in an uproar if the public wasn’t in an uproar. I think you’re just denying reality here. Janet Jackson’s record is tanking, the #1 singer is Little Ms. Wholesome Jessica Simpson, Sex and the City is over (even on a pay channel), and the Passion of the Christ, while violent, is not a movie about hedonism, potty humor, or sex, and is violent in the way that Saving Private Ryan is violent.
    I think you’re just wrong on this one.

  • i never said that janet was doing well in the charts. i said the public yawned at her. probably *because* her actions and her cd were considerably tame in comparison to the majority of r&b and hip hop.
    sex & the city bowed out, like the sopranos plan to, while on top. it wasnt any made-up cultural wave that booted them out.
    and although i like jessica simpson a great deal and respect her singing and enjoy her mtv show – did you even See the outfit that she wore in the opening of her new variety show? (
    and if you regard what she wore to the mtv awards “innocent” ( then you’ve proven my point exactly.
    sadly, this week’s billboard chart goes against you, Sydney. (
    the top selling female singer this week according to Billboard is Beyonce whose “Naughty Girl” single is at #6 (it was #9 last week).
    Britney’s “Toxic” is #14. it’s been on the charts for 13 weeks.
    Jessica Simpson however is hanging tough at #24. However with two tv shows, and her face on the cover of dozens of magazines, it’s obvious that the people aren’t as interested in her as they are in those with an edge.
    mandy moore is truly innocent and she gets crushed in the pop charts.
    as for the Passion, i think one of the reasons for its success was the uber-violent nature of the film because it came across as being realistic, which the public is clearly interested in when they watch tv or listen to the radio or use the internet.
    which, again, speaks to Stern’s popularity and the government’s fear of him.

  • Jessica Simpson however is hanging tough at #24. However with two tv shows, and her face on the cover of dozens of magazines, it’s obvious that the people aren’t as interested in her as they are in those with an edge.… or her album sales would be much better due to all that free advertising.