One for our side?

One for our side?
: The Telegraph says al-Sadr has cried uncle.

The fiery radical at the heart of Iraq’s Shia revolt sued for peace yesterday, buckling under the twin pressures of a massive build-up of American forces near his base and demands for moderation from the country’s ayatollahs.

Moqtada al-Sadr, who raised the standard of anti-American revolt 12 days ago, sent out envoys from the holy city of Najaf carrying his peace terms. Barely 13 miles from his hideout, United States tanks and heavy artillery began to enforce an “exclusion zone”, apparently a first step towards an assault.

So much for civil war this weekend.

  • Jess

    Wow, this blog only has like 5,000 readers a day. Given how much Jeff likes to hype blogs it’s a pretty pathetic number, no?

  • the answer to your question is no

  • thats like saying, “Moises Alou will only make $9,500,000 this year. Given that he plays in the same outfield as Sammy Sosa who will make $17,000,000…”
    and pathetic is not the word i’d use when describing the opportunity to regularily talk to 5,000-10,0000 people a day
    most bloggers don’t even get read by 100 people a day.

  • by 10,0000 of course i mean 10,000

  • bob

    Jess, what’s that got to do with anything. So we’re each 1/5000th of the readers. Now, that makes us sound pathetic.
    IAC, I’d rather that the US refused to take “sorry” for an answer. Not from Sadr. Yes, it would be costly. But we need to show these guys that there’s no peaceful end to a bloody conflict – not for them, at least.
    But I did read at least one encouraging thing in the article: “An Iraqi judge has issued an arrest warrant for Sadr.” We need to see more of that.

  • lk

    “So much for civil war this weekend.” Oh goody, are you ready to declare “mission accomplished”? I wish it were over, but I think you are whistling by the graveyard.

  • Wow, it’s nice that you’re not putting words into people’s mouths or anything, lk.

  • Ga-ne-sha

    lk, in the shadows of your cave, looking at them instead of the light, turn around and you will have it, the ability to read — then maybe clear sight.

  • capt joe

    as Nelson would say HA-ha

  • hen

    but, but, but, teddy kennedy and the NYT called this “Bush’s Vietnam”….how cd they be wrong?

  • Jimmie

    I’m not terribly excited by this news, unfortunately. Sadr is not just a lone kook with a small cadre of armed followers. He’s financed directly by the government of Iran. His recruits come from recruiting done by Hezbollah (again, funded and organized by the government of Iran) and the organization for the attacks on our people there are being organized by one of the Iranian President’s favorite clerics.
    Yet, we’re allowing Iran to broker a peace agreement between us and Sadr as if they were a benevolent or merely uninterested third party? No, that’s entirely unacceptable to me. Iran needs to be on the hook for Sadr (and so ought Syria ot a lesser degree) and we ought to have their government on the diplomatic version of a hot plate until it either crumbles or foreswears any ties with Hezbollah. What’s so tough about drawing that connection openly and without equivocation (beyond that the State Department has yet to meet a dictatorship with which it wouldn’t negotiate endlessly)?
    We’ve found dozens of times over there there is no peace agrement to which men like Sadr and governments like the one in Iraq will adhere. None. We will relax, Tehran will gain confidence and, more importantly, the stamp of US Diplomatic Approval, and Sadr will be allowed to go his merry way. It is a certainty that while we relax and turn our attention from them, Iran will continue to send millions to Hezbollah and Sadr and others, and Sadr will be free to foment more rebellion.
    We’ve completely forgotten the memorandum we captured from Osama’s #2 man who appears still to be in Iraq. We’ve forgotten that their aim here is to force a conflict between Shia and Sunni. You can be sure as hell that they haven’t forgotten and they’re continuing their efforts apace.
    This “peace negotiation” is just capitulation under another name and it will come back to bite us squarely in the ass.

  • Theodopoulos Pherecydes

    Give the motor flutter an opportunity to surrender or shoot him anyway. That’s what we said we were going to do. There’s nothing more destructive than empty threats. When will we ever learn?
    Fallujah…same-o, same-o.