The Daily Stern: Bulletin

The Daily Stern: Bulletin

: FINED: As predicted, the FCC just minutes ago issued a $495,000 fine relating to Howard Stern against — get this! — Clear Channel Communications. They got the maximum because they’ve had so many bad bits late, the FCC said.

Today, the Commission issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture against Clear Channel Communications, Inc., for apparently willfully broadcasting indecent material in connection with the

  • Mike

    Again, Stern immediately goes after the Bush administration instead of just focusing on the FCC. I do believe Michael Copps was not appointed by Bush. And will Stern come out in defense of Clear Channel now and apologize to them, because obviously if Bush is the one instructing the FCC, they wouldn’t have been the focus of this fine.
    I’ll admit I think this fine is ridiculous. I remember listening to that bit and laughing. Something has to be done about reigning in the FCC and trying to make some sort of definitive standards. Not this vague community thing. I just wish Stern would focus on that and not espouse his conspiracy theories about Bush. If Clinton were in office during the Janet Jackson thing, we would be seeing this same sort of backlash.

  • Lauren

    “We certainly should turn off, tune out, walk away, and raise our voices when disturbed by what is peddled to us. But, we should think twice before allowing the government the discretion to filter information to us as they see fit, for the King always takes his ransom.” – Michael Powell didn’t really say that. Nooooo…’ve got to be joking. The only word that comes to mind is “HYPOCRITE.”
    one can only hope that Howard will come back on the air once his vacation is over, otherwise the hypocrite wins and the rest of all lose and that’s more depressing than anything else I’ve seen on the evening news of late, with the exception of the depressing double win by UConn in the NCAA basketball tournaments.

  • Lauren

    speaking of Janet, I take great solace in the fact that her new CD isn’t selling very well. granted she was really just the straw that broke the camel’s back, but all the same, if she’d kept her boob in her shirt, things wouldn’t probably be as bad as they are…

  • Trump

    HOORAY! A victory for religious people, a victory for Republicans. Hopefully Stern will be made to pay more for his political and anti-religious hate speech.
    I invite everyone to join me in writing to the FCC and their local congressional delegation to express support for more fines against Stern. It’s working….we’re winning!!!

  • growler

    Clear Channel is dropping Stern.

  • growler
  • Trump

    This is not a surprise. This is a follow up to the McCarthy type “witch hunt” of the administration and the activities of this group of presidential appointees in the FCC, led by “Colin Powell Jr.” and his band of players. —This isn’t a witch hunt. This is the FCC responding to the wishes of the people- in other words, doing it’s job. Funny how it wasn’t a witch hunt when Clinton’s FCC was fining him…
    They and others (a senator from Kansas City to a congresswoman from New Mexico) are expressing and imposing their opinions and rights to tell us all who and what we may listen to and watch and how we should think about our lives. —AND HE FAILS TO MENTION THE BIPARTISIAN NATURE OF THE PEOPLE AGAINST HIM. I WONDER WHY? MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE HE’S TOO BUSY REGURGITATING AL FRANKEN AND NOAM CHOMSKY TALKING POINTS.
    So this is not a surprise. It is pretty shocking that governmental interference into our rights and free speech takes place in the U.S. It’s hard to reconcile this with the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave”. Shocked I tell you, shocked! A governmental agency regulating that which it has been tasked to regulate! THE AFFRONTERY! Freedom of speech is not absolute as regarding the PUBLIC airwaves.

    I’m sure what’s next is the removal of “dirty pictures” like the 20th century German exhibit in a New York City Museum and the erotic literature in our libraries; they too will fall into their category of “evil” as well.

    Remember everyone, we can get him off the air- it’s time for OUR voice to be heard! Lets make Stern pay for ever comparing religious people and republicans to Nazis. LETS EXERCISE OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND LET THE FCC KNOW WE WANT NORE FINES AGAINST HIM!!!

  • I find it odd in so many ways that they went after Clear Channel, which, of course, dumped Stern in February and which — judging by the ruling — did not put up much of a fight.
    it’s not so odd. this way CC gets to flow the RNC a half mil AND pass it off as a way that theyre being victimized by Howard Stern.
    AND it puts a nail into the Stern coffin.
    AND by mentioning the sound effect allows Oprah to talk about salad-tossing and get away with it.
    by not fining Infinity – even though Howard had the same show on more Infinity stations – they avoid an ugly legal fight which would expose the unfairness of this action.

  • Angelos

    Look Trump, this is the way it works: You listen to the 700 Club or somesuch bullshit, and people who want can listen to Stern. Simple.
    It’s called tuning your radio.
    Wishes of the people? Please.
    This is government run amok, and agency completely overstepping its mandate. Alas, it’s an election year. This will all be over and forgotten in November.

  • I want to know what kind of pictures Mel Karmazin has of those FCC clowns. How the heck does Infinty not get hit at least a 50K slap upside the head? I mean, every show in question was also broadcast on their network!

  • If you can’t see the problem with discussing what amounts to mouthwash for your anus on public airwaves during morning hours, there’s a bigger problem than Stern.

  • Question. If television networks broadcast hard-core porn at 9:00 am, would you be opposed to the government punishing that? If you say yes, you should recognize that you are far, far, far out of the mainstream of both precedent and popular opinion. If you say no, you are admitting that the government can and should provide some regulation of what gets broadcast on open airways. The only question is where the line is. Howard Stern is trying to move that line and claiming persecution when he gets held to the same standards everybody else is held to. Maybe the line should be moved, but I don’t see why I should be outraged at a continuance of old standards.
    Oh, and Tony, fines are paid to the government, not political party orginizations, what are you babbling about?

  • h0mi

    Can we put to rest the meme that Clear Channel suspended Stern out of an attempt to “avenge Bush” and admit that they probably knew that these fines were coming down the pipe… not unlike Stern?
    this way CC gets to flow the RNC a half mil AND pass it off as a way that theyre being victimized by Howard Stern.
    Is this like, the way Infinity’s 1.6 million in fines during the 90s went to the DNC?

  • h0mi

    This is government run amok, and agency completely overstepping its mandate.

    If this is true, we’ll see a lot of pressure upon Congress to reign them in, right?
    6 years ago, fines that were 4 times this amount was deemed to be the “cost of business”. Now it’s “government run amok”?

  • h0mi

    We can’t even joke about sex in this country anymore.

    You don’t remember the “big black lesbian” fine, do you?

  • HH

    Mancow has done nothing but praise Bush… Stern’s “Bush is out to get me” BS is so tired already.

  • Mike

    No doubt Howard will come back on Monday and start carping about how Bush is Hitler and this administration is using McCarthy like tactics against him. And he couldn’t be more far off. His fight should be against the FCC, and if he was half of the fighter for free speech as he claims to be, he would spearhead a fight against the FCC. But he wouldn’t do that because it doesn’t benefit him. He has been setting himself up to move to satelite radio, everyone knows that. IT’s all about howard.

  • news flash: the government is mostly repubs.

  • Mike

    what’s your point. The vote for in the house of representatives for the new indecency bill increasing the fines had only 20 no votes! There are only 23 more republicans than democrats in the house (with 1 independent), which currently has 434 members. The senate has 51 republicans, 48 democrats and 1 independent. I doubt you knew that.
    But to your specific post. Just because the Republicans have 24 more members than the democrats doesn’t mean the money goes to Republican causes. give me a break.

  • A very half-hearted defense of Michael Copps, whom you characterize as the “scariest” commissioner: I’m with you in thinking that Copps is 100% wrong on this one, but based on an interview I did with him last year, I suspect that he might be pursuing his anti-consolidation goals by other means. Copps and Adelman were the only voices for democracy on the commission last year, defying Powell’s attempts to thwart their town hall listening tour (which resulted in hundreds of thousands of anti-consolidation comments submitted to the FCC). To no effect. Copps and Adelman both characterized the FCC as a toothless tiger when it came to fighting media monopoly. Now they seem to have discovered their fangs. Too bad they’re biting the wrong guy.
    Copps and Adelman (especially Adelman, who’s an amateur musician and American music history geek) are more worried about the infringment of free speech that occurs when there’s only one game in town, when even monsters of pop like Britney Spears and Blink 182 must get with the Clear Channel program or be silenced, since the Clear Chanel “program” is big enough to define the whole field.
    Perhaps they perceive these fines on Howard as their only weapon with which to fight Clear Channel. Perhaps they’re right. If that’s so, it’s a phyrric victory for free speech. If there is an antidote to the problem of media consolidation, it’s to be found elsewhere.

  • Jeff:
    I mean just what I said: Copps is truly frightening. Read some of his writings on this. He would kill the First Amendment. He wants to fine broadcasters out of business and revoke their licenses because he doesn’t like what they broadcast. He would ban the Victoria’s Secret show (seriously). Taliban time, man, Taliban time. You think someone who would throw out the First Amendment to go after Clear Channel is cuddly. Beware! I’m telling you, he’s scary!

  • so the executive branch has no republicans? so the judicial branch has no republicans? so when big buisnesses donate to one party they never donate to the other party?
    the “indecency” bill was passed nearly unanimously for many reasons the first being no one in their right mind is going to go out on a limb politically for Howard Stern in this election cycle despite the bill being (1)overkill (2) chilling and (3)based in unconstitutional grounds.
    they also voted for it because, as in today’s example everyone wins: congress gets to fist the first amendment by limiting free speech, both parties get hundreds of thousands of dollars, and dc gets to remind people who’s the man.
    clear channel, like most huge companies, donate to both parties. here theyre just doing it as a “fine”.
    a fine?
    because clear channel owns 1,200 radio stations (which would have never happened until the republicans regained the majority in the senate and passed the Telecommunications Act which allowed, among other things, one freaking company to own that ungodly amount of stations), a “fine” of a half million dollars equals less than $420 a station.
    i doubt you’ve done that simple math.
    this is a kickback from clear channel to the government who allowed them to buy up the public airwaves.
    nothing more.

  • AEB

    CNN says the FCC is planning to fine Infinity for much, much more then ClearChannel – possible millions.
    So they are NOT off the hook.

  • sol

    Tony, if a liberal slashes Stern’s throat you’ll blame it on a conservative. You are what’s called a nut case.

  • why on earth would a liberal slash howard stern’s throat?
    we’re the ones who arent afraid of free speech.

  • Jeff, I didn’t say Copps was cuddly, I said he was wrong. Plain wrong. I’m a free speech absolutist, and that puts me in opposition to him. But there’s more than one way to repress free speech, and I think Powell, Billy Tauzin, and John Hogan are even scarier — and much more effective.
    Copps is an anachronism, a guy who speaks the language of the New Deal with the bureaucratic mindset of the War on Poverty and the visionless adherence to the Democratic Party of the Clinton years. Powell, Hogan, J.C. Watts (on CC’s board, and a sure bet to return to electoral politics in a big way) are smarter, tougher, and willing to sacrifice more than bitter old tongue cluckers like Copps can imagine.
    This is not to excuse Copps, but only to suggest that the problem is systemic and about more than “decency” (the second-to-last refuge of scoundrels), pro or con.

  • sol

    Tony the liberal says:
    “we’re the ones who arent afraid of free speech”
    You were given free speech by classical liberals (what you call conservatives). And that right has been secured for you and continually defended by people liberals like you despise. When liberals like you get political power anywhere in the world the first things to go are rights such as freedom of speech. Get yourself a library card, a reading tutor, a passport, some airline tickets, and some good walking shoes. You will also have to acquire some things called common-sense and common-decency and common respect for people who make efforts and sacrifice for things you are able to take advantage of.

  • h0mi

    “we’re the ones who arent afraid of free speech”

    the “indecency” bill was passed nearly unanimously for many reasons the first being no one in their right mind is going to go out on a limb politically for Howard Stern in this election cycle despite the bill being (1)overkill (2) chilling and (3)based in unconstitutional grounds.

    These are inconsistent. If they’re not afraid of free speech, they wouldn’t have rolled over on this indecensy bill.

  • bob

    From Stern: “This is not a surprise. This is a follow up to the McCarthy type “witch hunt” of the administration and the activities of this group of presidential appointees in the FCC, led by “Colin Powell Jr.” and his band of players.
    Hello, Metaphor Overload.

  • sol

    What’s funny is Stern is so dumb he thinks it’s some kind of insult to call Michael Powell ‘Colin Powell, Jr.’