The blog reality show

The blog reality show
: So now even AOL is creating its own reality show. Donald has a reality show. Mark Cuban has a blog.

So why not combine all this and create an online blog reality show?

You already live your life online and in public on the blog. Add in more players. Add in video. Add in audience participation (let the people decide what you do next). Get publicity. Get advertising. Fame. Fortune.

  • Tom

    Is this a new session at BloggerCon?

  • Rudy

    Why not indeed. This guy has already cashed in on American Idol when it comes to blogging at Blogger Idol.

  • Whoa! I’ve had about all of the reality shows I can stand! I can’t believe they are really the in thing to watch. I don’t find them very entertaining at all.

  • Hasn’t that already been done, with the JenniCam?

  • Yes, but who can you convince to change his name to BlogGuy and hide out in a house for a year with sponsorships?

  • Karl

    So, why do so many of your goals for blogging involve advertising and making-money? I thought this medium was to provide free and open dialogue. Once we introduce capital into the equation, it’s all gonna get f**ked up.

  • To hell with all that uber-society, free and open dialogue crap — I’m with Jeff!
    Getmesomeofthat fame and fortune.

  • Independent George

    Idea for an AOL: two teams, whose objective is to “acquire” the rival team and then proceed to destroy as much of their revenues as possible…

  • Cuban is already doing a reality show called the Benefactor for ABC this summer where he’ll give one person a million dollars. He’s been writing about it on his blog.
    And doug block did a documentary called Home Page more than 6 years ago.