The Daily Stern: Sayings of Chairman Powell

The Daily Stern: Sayings of Chairman Powell
: Researching a possible magazine story on the FCC, free speech, and Howard Stern, I came upon magnificent testimony before the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet by Robert Corn-Revere, the attorney who, among many other things, got New York Gov. George Pataki to wipe the slate on Lenny Bruce. Mr. Corn-Revere goes through the record to find what FCC Chairman Michael Powell has said about regulating broadcast content:

:Accordingly, Chairman Powell has said that he tries to answer a series of questions before taking regulatory actions in order to

  • Michael

    Interestingly, Robert Corn-Revere is also the attorney who has been representing telemarkters in their suits against the Do-Not-Call list, in part on First Amendment grounds. He’s an interesting fellow.

  • Sandy P.

    What also happened – “Penis” before 6 PM on TNT. Care to explain that to my 6 y.o.? She did ask what it meant.
    I am perfectly willing to “change the channel” but I have to know it’s coming up first.
    A lot of people might have “changed the channel” if they knew a “wardrobe malfunction” was going to take place. Of course, a lot of homes also don’t make a plan to have MTV available. Blame the mass-marketing geniuses for either A. – not realizing who their target audience was or B. not give a flying fig.
    Then we might not be here, would we?
    TNT and its lack of customer service ticked me off so much I emailed Powell.
    Why do I have to stop watching TV so you can watch people talk like kids in a schoolyard or merchant marines?
    I also got stuck w/a 5 y.o. on ATA 31K feet up watching the 1st five min of friends – we had sex in what looked like a law library, then Rachel meeting up one of Ross’ lays dressed in a towel.
    she was watching.
    I complained to the stew, she basically told me to turn it off. I explained to her I’m not at home, I’m at 31K feet, on my way to Orlando, and I can’t.
    Vegas is one thing, but one would think there might be more children on a flight to Orlando than Vegas.

  • theodopoulos Pherecydes

    Free speech arguments in favor of indecency on the public airwaves are lame.
    I hope Powell & Co. leave the definitions purposefully vague then fine the bejayzus out of the indecent when they please.

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    Okay, why shouldn’t a six year old girl know the word “penis”?

  • Sandy P.

    Why should she?

  • You know, for a lot of years (like millions), children lived in the same tents (or lean-tos) or whatever you want to call them, and the parents had sex inches away from their offspring. Maybe sex isn’t the worst thing in the world for your children to be exposed to. Maybe the problem, Sandy, is your attitudes about it. Dirty! Forbidden! I don’t have kids, but my friends whose kids I observe to be the emotionally healthiest are those who don’t “protect” them from real life, but rather, explain it to them in a way they can grasp it. For example: “this is what grownups do to make babies. Also, they find it a lot of fun!” Ooh, heresy, I know. Luckily, I’m too busy making my deadline to volunteer to come out and be strung up.
    PS I’m sick of being restricted “for the children.” If your child will disintegrate at seeing what’s out there in the world, well, be sure you blindfold her and insert earplugs in her ears before she leaves the house.

  • PS I’m a big fan of penises, just for the record.

  • We know Amy. I’m over it. Life did go on after all…

  • BTW:
    “Luckily, I’m too busy making my deadline to volunteer to come out and be strung up.”
    You sound as if you thought this would be a bad thing. Why are you being so judgemental about BDSM?

  • Making my deadline is a BDSM situation. Four days straight of self-flagellation.