Citizens’ what?

Citizens’ what?
: Doc likes “citizens’ media.” I did, too, until Doc said that David Weinberger said that it’s not a medium, damnit, it’s a conversation. And I agree.

But I have synonym fatigue. It’s not an audience. They’re not consumers. They’re not readers; they’re writers. They’re not them; they’re us. Anyway, Doc says:

I love that term, citizens media. It’s so perfect. From one Jersey guy to another, F*****’ A, Jeff.

Remember CB radio? Unlicensed, low-range, junk wattage. All but useless in the beginning for everything but making hobby noise. The truckers did a helluva job putting it to work. Still do, far as I know. And I’m sure there are still a few good uses for it, around firefighting, civil defense or whatever.

My point is, CB is about all the feds ever wanted us ordinary citizens to have. It’s not their fault. They could hardly have imagined a platform for citizens media