Koranized for your protection

Koranized for your protection
: Fleet Street Blogger sends us to an absurd story in the Guardian about the Guardian:

A newsagent cut pictures out of the Guardians he sold this week because it offended him. The picture was of a sword over the Koran.

As FleetStreet points out, what’s even more disturbing is that the customers who bought that paper and the paper itself didn’t complain but instead tripped over themselves to be PC about it:

In a letter published in the paper yesterday, a human rights lawyer, John Rowe QC, described buying his Guardian “in this most tolerant of cities” and finding that it had a front page hole.

He said yesterday: “I bought my Guardian, went to Starbuck’s, got my tall latte, settled down, opened the paper – and found I could see Deansgate through it.

“I raced back to the shop and asked ‘What have you done here?’ and was told ‘I have done it to all of them’.”

In his letter, Mr Rowe said: “We parted amicably and I quite enjoyed being tolerant.”

Well, yes, that’s where the media world is going: Why not go to a newsstand that matches your sensibilities: We take out all stories Republican [or Democrats] wouldn’t like as an addes service for our customers.

Arrrrgh. [Thanks, Nick]