Terror foiled

Terror foiled
: Bomb found and disarmed under French railroad.

  • Surpisingly, Robert has not posted a broadside pointing out how modern Franco colonialism has given some group the moral authority to blow French civilians to bits while riding the train home from work.

  • Angus Jung

    Maybe he’s on his lunch break? Be patient.

  • Doctor Slack

    Good for them.
    Surprisingly, no-one has yet posted a diatribe about how the French deserve to die for not having troops in Iraq. Or a scathing denunciation of treating terrorism as a “law enforcement” matter. Or a diatribe about the weak-kneed and obviously failed Euro approach to terrorism. Any second now.

  • Edmonton

    Prescribe thyself some fiber and ease down, physician.

  • Dr. Slack-
    You won’t find such sentiments from me. While I strongly disagree with French obstruction of our campaign against the terrorists and their backers, I would never suggest that they deserve to die.
    Just I am concerned for our friends in Spain, so too am I concerned for our friends in France…..and even those that may not be friendly towards us as well.