The Davester

The Davester
: David Weinberger says bloggers have changed his name. He has always been David but half the time, bloggers call him Dave. (I checked my archives and I was guilty of this about 10 percent of the time.) Not that David minds; he’s a nice guy. But it does demonstrate the familiarity this medium breeds.

  • Bob

    So, what is it? Jeffrey? Jefferson? Something more exotic like Jeffen? You had to know that someone would ask.
    More unusual to me is when folks try to lengthen a short name. Bob -> Robert. Mike -> Michael. And how often do Steves have to deal with, “Is that ph or v?” Poor guys.

  • My annoyance at lengthening of my short True Name is one of the reasons for my nicknonymity. This way all I get is the occasional stupid Start Reck reference.