The real human rights violation is terrorism

The real human rights violation is terrorism
: Let’s get this straight once and for all: The worst human rights violation of all is terrorism.

All the yammering about how terrorism leads to new security laws and that is a human rights violation misses the horribly obvious: Killing innocent people in their offices or commuter trains or buses or restaurants — what could be more of a “human rights violation”?

Monday’s Guardian says:

Ironically, the annual human rights debate opens at the United Nations in New York today, a six-week session designed to place a spotlight on violations of political and social rights around the world. Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have rightly warned of the dangers of even liberal democracies, using the new series of terrorist atrocities, to justify abuses of criminal and civil justice systems. This is self-defeating and only helps the terrorist organisations to achieve their goals.

What’s so damned ironic about that? It would be ironic if the U.N. conference to end terrorism started today, right after another terrorist attack they did not one damned thing to prevent.

Self-defeating? It would be quite literally self-defeating not to do everything you can to prevent terrorism.

Priorities, people: We’re at war. Allowing the bad guys to kill your own citizens is the clearest definition possible of losing.

: The Guardian is just filled with head-scratching goodies today. It also says with surprise that Labour is losing votes in the British Muslim community because of the war in Iraq. Wow, now that’s news.