Hi, is Chris Rock there?

Hi, is Chris Rock there?
: Laura has an absolutely wonderful story of happening to get Chris Rock’s old cell-phone number:

CALLER: It’s Adam.

LAURA: Adam?

CALLER: [In a jovial manner] It’s Adam Sandler!

LAURA: [Realizes instantly it was indeed Adam Sandler — there’s no mistaking that distinctive voice of his] Oh, hi!




LAURA: [Overcome with sudden punchiness, from the craziness of one minute quietly winding down for bedtime, and then talking to Adam Sandler the next] So, are you calling Chris for business or pleasure?

ADAM: [Laughs, slightly taken off guard by this question, but still retaining his happy-go-lucky attitude] I’m calling Chris to say hello and chat. So… is he there?

LAURA: [Knows it’s confession time, but tries her best to retain formerly buoyant personality] No, well… he’s not. You see, I’m actually just this random New York City girl who happened to get Chris’ old cell phone number….

ADAM: [Lets out a big laugh] Wow, that’s really funny! That’s great! You must be having a fun time with this!

Read it all; you will enjoy. [via Adam Curry]

: In the comments, folks are speculating about what Laura SHOULD have said…

  • James Stephenson

    That is a great story.
    And I bet Adam was a little taken aback when she said she was not Mallach.

  • Just imagine what the Touchtone Terrorist could have done with that. “This is Junkyard Willie, Mr. Rock’s new assistant. He don’t wanna talk to you. Naw, he said he don’t ever wanna talk to you again. Well, that’s what he said!” Etc.

  • Tim

    Loved the story… it would make a funny 60 Minutes II piece, or maybe just CBS News…. or maybe a themed 48 Hours or whatever on cellphones…

  • “I’m very sorry about this, I thought you heard the news about Mr. Rock’s accident.”
    “Look, Chris is in a little bit of trouble right now. Could you meet us at 96th and Western, and bring $20,000 in cash? Yes, that’s South L.A., but it’s really important.”

  • weimdog

    “You mean the unfunny Adam Sandler?”
    “No, Chris thinks your work is shite and he won’t speak to you.” *(click)*
    “You mean the guy who makes the lame movies always in the same character…that Adam Sandler?” *(click)*

  • “Aw hell, hold on Spike…”
    (background) “Chris, it’s Spike again. Yeah, I know. Look, you talk to him… No, I’m not telling him that. No, you can’t give me enough money to say that. Chris, take the damn phone….Chris? @#&%$@”
    “Spike, he’s going to have to call you back.”

  • Jeff B.

    Okay, that last one was great. Spike Lee deserves no less.

  • CJ

    “Sorry, Chris is only taking calls from funny white people today. You’re not on the list. Try again some other time.”