Hi, is Chris Rock there?

Hi, is Chris Rock there?
: Laura has an absolutely wonderful story of happening to get Chris Rock’s old cell-phone number:

CALLER: It’s Adam.

LAURA: Adam?

CALLER: [In a jovial manner] It’s Adam Sandler!

LAURA: [Realizes instantly it was indeed Adam Sandler — there’s no mistaking that distinctive voice of his] Oh, hi!




LAURA: [Overcome with sudden punchiness, from the craziness of one minute quietly winding down for bedtime, and then talking to Adam Sandler the next] So, are you calling Chris for business or pleasure?

ADAM: [Laughs, slightly taken off guard by this question, but still retaining his happy-go-lucky attitude] I’m calling Chris to say hello and chat. So… is he there?

LAURA: [Knows it’s confession time, but tries her best to retain formerly buoyant personality] No, well… he’s not. You see, I’m actually just this random New York City girl who happened to get Chris’ old cell phone number….

ADAM: [Lets out a big laugh] Wow, that’s really funny! That’s great! You must be having a fun time with this!

Read it all; you will enjoy. [via Adam Curry]

: In the comments, folks are speculating about what Laura SHOULD have said…