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The next big thing

The next big thing
: Om Malik and Rafat Ali — two of the best biz bloggers in the biz — have started a new joint venture on the digital music business called NthOctave.

We’re on top of that story

We’re on top of that story
: When Janet Jackson’s top came off, Adrian Holovaty saw more than a breast. He saw the future of news. And he’s right.

He happened into the Super Bowl during halftime:

Well, we all know what happened during that performance. And I saw it — live. Er, I thought I saw it. I wasn’t sure. The camera cut away so quickly that I couldn’t really tell what’d happened.

So I did what any self-respecting Internet-junkie would do: I flipped open my laptop and hit the Web.

CNN had nothing. MSNBC had nothing. Neither did the New York Times, Washington Post or Chicago Tribune. Google News didn’t say anything about it, either. I checked a bunch of other big-media sites but couldn’t find any coverage.

I began to think I’d just been delusional. Then I checked Fark. — a deranged mix of quirky news-article links, hilarious Photoshop antics, incestuous user comments, and a healthy dose of porn — had the story. In my estimation, it’d been less than 15 minutes since the halftime show ended — and Farkers were already talking about it….

Read the archived comment thread to see the story unfold. There were first-person accounts of watching the event. There was background information. There was analysis and piecing-together of the facts. And, most importantly, there was an effort to distribute any and all raw information about the incident, mostly in the form of high-resolution TV-screen-grabs and video.

It was clear that all of this was fueled by a desire to get to the bottom of the story — a desire not unlike that of a professional reporter.

Could this have been a glimpse of the future? Could a much more traditional news story be covered in the same way, given the right mix of a dedicated audience and enabling technology?

: Update: What goes around comes around. [via the comments]

Why I really want Dean to lose

Why I really want Dean to lose
: Because then his site will disappear off the Technorati Top 100 and all the rest of us will move up one.

: Speaking of ego, I forgot to tell you that John Hawkins did a new version of his political blog power rating. He sifts through Alexa’s top sites (which tracks a very limited sample of people who happen to use Alexa) and finds the top political blogs.


: Tim Porter sends us to the official transcript of a wonderful exchange between Bush and reporters at the Nothin’ Fancy Cafe in Roswell (insert alien stonewalling joke here). I thought that Bush was pretty much humorless. Not so:

THE PRESIDENT: I need some ribs.

Q Mr. President, how are you?

THE PRESIDENT: I’m hungry and I’m going to order some ribs.

Q What would you like?

THE PRESIDENT: Whatever you think I’d like.

Q Sir, on homeland security, critics would say you simply haven’t spent enough to keep the country secure.

THE PRESIDENT: My job is to secure the homeland and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. But I’m here to take somebody’s order. That would be you, Stretch — what would you like? Put some of your high-priced money right here to try to help the local economy. You get paid a lot of money, you ought to be buying some food here. It’s part of how the economy grows. You’ve got plenty of money in your pocket, and when you spend it, it drives the economy forward. So what would you like to eat?

Q Right behind you, whatever you order.

THE PRESIDENT: I’m ordering ribs. David, do you need a rib?

Q But Mr. President —

THE PRESIDENT: Stretch, thank you, this is not a press conference. This is my chance to help this lady put some money in her pocket. Let me explain how the economy works. When you spend money to buy food it helps this lady’s business. It makes it more likely somebody is going to find work. So instead of asking questions, answer mine: are you going to buy some food?

Q Yes.

THE PRESIDENT: Okay, good. What would you like?

Q Ribs.

THE PRESIDENT: Ribs? Good. Let’s order up some ribs.

Q What do you think of the democratic field, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: See, his job is to ask questions, he thinks my job is to answer every question he asks. I’m here to help this restaurant by buying some food. Terry, would you like something?

Q An answer.

Q Can we buy some questions?

THE PRESIDENT: Obviously these people — they make a lot of money and they’re not going to spend much. I’m not saying they’re overpaid, they’re just not spending any money.

More the merrier

More the merrier
: Red Herring has a blog.