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Can we make John Howard secretary of state?

Can we make John Howard secretary of state?
: Australian PM John Howard stands firm:

John Howard does not stand off his decision to go to war in Iraq – and, faced with the same set of circumstances, he would do it all again.

Fending off calls for an independent inquiry into why weapons of mass destruction had not been found in Iraq, despite pre-war intelligence reports that said they were there, the Prime Minister insisted yesterday the Middle East was a safer place after Saddam Hussein’s removal.

“I’m not embarrassed because intelligence is an imprecise science. You have to make judgments on the material that you have available at the time,” Mr Howard told ABC radio in Perth. “I don’t resile one iota from the decision that the Government took,” he said.

That’s why we like Australians: Direct and right.

Oh, grow up, America

Oh, grow up, America
: I would say this is getting ludicrous but, of course, it already was. It’s getting ludicrouser and ludicrouser….

The NFL is changing the Pro Bowl’s halftime show because of Janet Jackson’s breast-baring at the Super Bowl.

Singer J.C. Chasez was dumped from the program at Sunday’s all-star game in Hawaii after fellow N’Sync member Justin Timberlake’s stunt with Jackson at the championship game.

The new Pro Bowl halftime plan includes hula dancers, drummers, conch shell blowers and local singers.

And that will be a big hit! Maybe the hula dancers should wear body suits and lots of grass. And the drummers better not use sexy jungle rhythms. And I don’t know, but doesn’t blowing a conch sound downright obscene?

Jeesh. Buddy Holly died 45 years ago this week. You’d think we’d have learned how to deal with sex ‘n’ rock ‘n’ roll by now.

: And what’s wrong with this picture: Janet Jackson is getting banned from the public airwaves and Michael Jackson isn’t…

Narrowing the field

Narrowing the field
: The NY Times editorial page says today, and I agree:

It is important that future debates be limited to only two or three people. The time for inviting hopeless hopefuls is over. Voters have had a long and weary experience with crowded pseudodebates featuring seven, eight or nine candidates. If the point now is to see whether Senator Kerry can stand up under assault, he should be asked to go head to head with a serious candidate, beginning with Senator Edwards.


: Zeyad has a too-cool story today. You’ll remember that he used his camera to shoot pictures of the Dec. 10 anti-terrorism demonstrations that were ignored by major Western media and the pictures got picked up by The Weekly Standard.

Now they’ve been picked up again:

This was scary. An American patrol was distributing leaflets in our neighbourhood today. This isn’t an uncommon practice. But the pictures on the leaflets caught my eye, and I nervously picked one up and looked closely. The pictures were mine, the ones I took on Dec. 10 at the anti-terror demonstrations. The writing on the leaflet said:

“The spirit of tolerance between different religions, political organizations, sects, and ethnicities is part of the democratic society. All Iraqi citizens are equal and free to voice their opinions. Respecting others will help make Iraqi a better place for all Iraqis”.

I sighed in relief. For a short moment, after recognizing my photos, I seriously thought the leaflets had to do with something from the blog and I was a bit anxious. I then started to get amused and I told one of my neighbours that the pictures on the flyers were mine, he smiled at me as if I was raving and said “yeah, sure they are”. Arrgghh. I AM OUTRAGED! hehe… Can I sue the CPA for printing my photos without permission? LOL.

Here is a scan of the leaflet and these are the original photos I took two months ago.

Whoever’s designing leaflets for the CPA has good taste in photos (bad taste in design) and owes Zeyad a syndication fee.

: In a moment of international kismet, I had just finished telling a long-lost-friend the story of Zeyad and his camera at lunch today when she went to the rest room and I, geek that I am, whipped out my Treo to check my email. I saw a note from Tim Oren alerting me to Zeyad’s post; pulled up in on the Treo, and read it to her. This, too, is cool.

Freedom of speech (and dress)

Freedom of speech (and dress)
: Ernest Miller quotes Michael Powell saying that First Amendment protection should extend to broadcast TV, since it already extends to unregulated cable TV. That would mean that he couldn’t be launching a Janet Jackson witch-hunt.