Amen to that

Amen to that
: Censorship will grow if bozos have their way. Some on the FCC would leach out past the public airwaves to private wires. And once they start censoring cable, I’ll repeat, watch out: Your weblog could be next.

Ernie Miller outs one bozo on the FCC who’s leaching:

What Part of the First Amendment Don’t You Understand?

Im talking to you, FCC Commissioner Kevin J. Martin.

According to a Reuters wirestory posted on Infoshop, Martin wants the FCC to consider regulating indecency on satellite and cable (FCC’s Martin ponders indecency on pay TV, radio).

Let me think about that … um, no.

“Cable companies need some way to empower parents and families to have more choice,” Martin said. “I think that it has the potential to be a problem when they are receiving things they object to and have to pay for that.”

It’s called stop paying for cable, Martin. It’s called a lockbox, Martin. Its called the First Amendment, Martin.What a maroon.

: One more thing: One of my loyal commenters has taken me to task in email for only mentioning the Bush and Republican bad guys in this fight.

Right. I should mention that I’ve long called Rep. Ed Markey of the other side one of the most dangerous men in Washington. Some years ago, on a John McLaughlin show, I went ballistic against Markey over the V-chip and his desire to blacklist and censor media.