What, you mean that crystal ball isn’t crystal?

What, you mean that crystal ball isn’t crystal?
: Flimflamstar John Edward may be brought up on charges in Australia because — gasp — there’s doubt that he can actually talk to the dead.

Consumer Affairs Victoria is examining a complaint alleging celebrity self-proclaimed psychic John Edward cannot talk to the dead.

Melbourne mind illusionist Mark Mayer claims the star of worldwide TV hit Crossing Over with John Edward “is a specialist at fooling people”.

Mayer made a formal complaint to Consumer Affairs on Friday, claiming Edward’s sell-out show in Melbourne would breach the Trade Practices Act….

He said Edward’s key technique was “cold reading”.

“He asks questions in rapid succession, then when he gets an answer he feeds it back as if he already knew the information,” Mayer said.

He alleged Edward then used probability, suggesting common names or ailments that were likely to strike a chord with the person in the audience, he said.

Mayer said if Edward were genuine he would be able to hear full names, not only the first letter.

“Why can’t the dead articulate? Why are they mumbling?” he said.

  • If Edwards could hear the dead I suspect they’d be saying things like, “Tell my daughter to get in touch with Hermoine. Don’t only is her husband cheating on her, he’s cheating on Hermoine too.”

  • Jeff – “John Edwards” = Senator; “John Edward” = Flimflamstar.

  • Steven: Thanks! Corrected.

  • Sortelli

    I would so love to see this phoney medium get nailed for what he does. I hope Austraila makes a nice example of him.

  • Alene Berk

    Does he defraud people of money? Maybe the producers of his shows should run a disclaimer. Other than that, Lighten up!

  • Greetings,
    I should declare an interest – I am Mark Mayer’s publicist.
    He is the Australian Mind Illusionist challenging John Edward’s right to perform as a psychic in our country.
    A mind illusionist is part magician part mind reader – however Mark claims no psychic powers.
    The campaign is gaining a great deal of attention.
    Mark has a website devoted to both his new stage show (in which he debunks frauds) and his efforts to keep Edward honest.
    The site is http://www.mindillusionist.com.au
    He’d welcome any support and comments.
    Brett de Hoedt