A challenge to Howard Dean…

A challenge to Howard Dean…
: If you are truly a Democrat, Dr. Dean, and if you meant what you said about supporting the nominee of the party, then you should come out immediately and ask your supports not to support Ralph Nader.

A challenge to Al Gore…
: Likewise. You, of all people, Al, should take up this challenge.

Or on second thought, the best way to defeat Nader might be for you to endorse him, Al.

  • Not at all. What’s the famous saying?
    “Don’t feed the troll”.

  • Man, you’re really S.O.D. (Stuck On Dean). Dean has already said he will support the DNC nominee. It goes without saying that Al Gore supports the Democratic party. There’s no reason for either to come out against Nader. In all reality they should ignore Nader because any national notoriety for him can only hurt progressive causes.

  • Oliver: Go read the Dean blog. From the moment he dropped out, the disloyal Deaniacs were threatening to go Green. There’s every reason for him to try to deliver his voters to the nominee of the party and that includes warning them of what a Nader vote can do. And Al Gore can certainly tell you what a Nader vote can do!

  • Joe

    This sounds like a conspiracy to deny Mr. Nader his 1st amendment rights. Although he is unlikely to be elected, I would rather listen to his unpolished truth in debates, rather than the party lines. The problem with a two party system is the ugly positions that both parties agree on. A little sunlight please. Who knows which of the annointed pair he will get the most votes from?

  • I’ve got a standard answer to all my far-left friends when they’re seething about how Bush “stole the election.”
    “Look on the bright side,” I say, “at least he stole it from Gore.”

  • Joe Peden

    Excitement: Nader on fire of his own “third” party logic, being very intelligent on this issue: choice, freedom of speech, Americanism, exploration, progressive, opposing evil and decadence, etc..
    Republicans support Nader run, Democrats oppose it. Whackos [Democrats] unable to keep themselves from “revolting against authority”, the Democrats.

  • ableiter

    Dean never had any supporters. He shared opinions with a group of people that hate President Bush. That is NOT the same as supporting Dean, unless you are a wacked out Donk so desperate to avoid getting spanked again that you will grasp any straw. Dean didn’t take much of a grip. Nadar is a moonbat and obviously figures anyone stooopid enough to vote for Dean is stoopid enough to vote for him. While wackos appeal to the bi-costals, it is flyover America that picks Presidents. So a Demorat that doesn’t at least break even in Fly-over-ville will get spanked. Kerry and Ralph fit that bill. Edwards has the best chance of any of the demorats still running to win the white house. But a Trial Lawyer as President is like Dillenger as a bank guard or Bundy as a scout leader. 99.9% of those that have to deal with Lawyers end up hating Lawyers. This will not show up in the exit polls but will show up at the ballot box.

  • Anonymous

    Dean’s statement on Nader: