: John Lee accuses Gawker and Wonkette of racism and only shows himself to be a humorless sap and a really bad writer: “These sites stand as two towers forming a portcullis that bars the entry for those not of their ilk by rapier wit, snark and innuendo.”

  • This post should have come with a warning. That sentence caused me actual pain.

  • “People of power”? LOLLERS.

  • How much you think Denton paid him?

  • Jeeez, was that pedantic.

  • Brad

    Golly, for a guy who uses a lot of big words he doesn

  • That piece really was a jumbled mess. put it best, describing Lee’s assessment of their humor as “mistaking Lenny Bruce for Trent Lott”.

  • I bet Denton would welcome the ersatz controversy.

  • Jonas Cord

    Let’s read “About the Author:”
    John Lee is a writer who really is from Brooklyn.
    Ah, that explains all that urban slang in his piece – “sine qua non,” “soi-distant solipsism,” “portcullis,” and whatnot.

  • Lorrie

    That sentence is satire. Who lacks humor here?

  • Percy Dovetonsils

    I would kill to see P Diddy insert the word “portcullis” in one of his raps.

  • gawker is better than buzzmachine

    Wow! Jarvis you snubbed that writer like Tina Brown snubbed you at that meeting! Oh how the mighty have risen.

  • innocent bystander

    Don’t you receive from Nick Denton via syndication?
    Just Checking

  • Wasn’t Jim Lee a hacker? That would explain a lot. A whole lot.