Notes from the road

Notes from the road
: I overhear the guy next to me on plane — a nice enough banker — saying to the stewardess, “Actually, what I usually hear is that I look like Ben Affleck”….

Crappy Kate Hudson movie, Le Divorce, on the flight. It was at the European opening that Hudson infamously said that Americans disgusted her. And her movie apparently didn’t wow Americans, either. Direct to Continental….

But the movie inspires the guy in the next seat. He calls his wife with an idea for their vacation: Paris! She was not similarly inspired….

San Diego is, well, seedy. Shut down tight. Nowhere to buy so much as a can of Coke downtown. Homeless sleeping at every storefront. They need Rudy Guliani….

I walk over to the ETech hotel (I’m a few blocks away) just to stretch the airline-compressed legs and I know I’ve arrived in geek heaven. In the hotel bar, every single patron has a laptop open. One is sleeping in a chair with laptop atop lap….

I walk back to the hotel and pass the only store or restaurant open and brightly lit downtown: A Larry Flynt Hustler store, slick and sleek, with couples going in to shop and young ladies buying the fashions. No, I didn’t buy anything. Who needs porn when I can go back to the hotel and watch the Grammys?