Why I really want Dean to lose

Why I really want Dean to lose
: Because then his site will disappear off the Technorati Top 100 and all the rest of us will move up one.

: Speaking of ego, I forgot to tell you that John Hawkins did a new version of his political blog power rating. He sifts through Alexa’s top sites (which tracks a very limited sample of people who happen to use Alexa) and finds the top political blogs.

  • Do the words blog and power really belong in the same phrase? Is that what this is all about — another way to get to the top of the pedestal? I cringe when I read such, because the real power in our universe should belong to the people, not the bloggers. This is analog thinking, IMO.

  • terry… the bloggers are the people, the people are the bloggers. this is power to the people!

  • I know why I want Dean to lose.
    Because I’m a conservative.