More powder

More powder
: More powder, this time in a post office in a letter addressed to the GOP.

: UPDATE: Fox News reports at noon that Capitol police are investigating more powder in the Capitol building.

: Josh Marshall finds another ricin incident from early January involving trucking.

  • Ebb Tide

    i wonder if this is the same “person” who did the anthrax mailings…. this whole thing is creeping me out again…. I saw Bill Frist on C-Span last night and he did a great job explaining what was going on, the risks and how the workers were being decontaminated and then put under observation. I really hope they can trace this “person” and punish whomever it is to the fullest extent of the law, and then write some new laws and punish them to the fullest extent of that law.

  • KMK

    Never a dull moment. One of the girls in our office wears too much perfume and she gets her fair share of abuse and complaints for it. Today she came in to find the mail on her desk sprinkled with powder and an envelope full of powder with a note inside that said “a sprinkle a day helps keep odors away.” The bottle of baby powder was on her desk too. She almost called the police and I’ve had two meetings this am going to bat for a really good guy with poor sense of timing. Two thing came out of this in a memo. 1. No pranks involving powder. 2. If you find an envelope full of a powdery substance do not stick you hand in it and smell it to check to make sure it’s powder even if the bottle of said powder is on your desk.

  • Other Reid

    Well, ricin isn’t dangerous unless it’s ingested or otherwise injected into the bloodstream (like that Bulgarian umbrella assassin did years ago).
    The anthrax was a lot scarier. The people whining that we haven’t found significant stores of WMD in Iraq seem to have forgotten how little of that stuff it took to paralyze the postal service, kill 5 people and likely infect 100’s of others who were saved by the preventative antibiotics.

  • Other Reid

    “who were saved by the preventative antibiotics”
    And, thank God it was a strain that responded to antibiotics!