Jason/George finds peace in Israel/Palestine

Jason/George finds peace in Israel/Palestine
: Allison Kaplan Sommer, Israeli blogger, sends along the news that Jason Alexander is going to Israel on a peace mission:

American actor Jason Alexander is coming to Israel to officially launch the One Voice questionnaire – a grassroots initiative aiming to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians….

Mohammad Darawshe, Israel regional director and co-founder of One Voice, said that ‘the goal of this project is to awaken the voice of the silent majority on both sides and involve people in helping to solve the main issues by getting their input….

Alexander learned about One Voice actors during a meeting with Lubetzky at actor Danny Devito’s house last year which was also attended by film stars Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who are on the organization’s American advisory board.

  • I’ll be VERY interested in his experience under the PA thugs who do NOT allow any Palis to speak about Arafat problems. How many Pali “voices of the silent majority” will he hear, be allowed to hear; will be willing to speak?
    Israel’s original founding was not just; but the Arab treatment of the Palestinians since then has been horrible. And the fault of the Arabs, not the Israelis.

  • Otter

    Pitt and Aniston were talking loudly about visiting, and Israelis were fairly curious if they’d show up — I don’t believe they ever have, though. Jerry Seinfeld also backed out of a trip there. Richard Gere, whom I admit I’ve always thought of as a goofball, did visit Israel about a year ago and made some extremely perceptive, humble, thoughtful comments.
    My favorite was when some of the peripheral Wu-Tang Clan guys played Tel Aviv. One of the main Wu-Tangers (Old Dirty Bastard, I think) was asked why he didn’t go and he flat out said he was too scared. I always think of that line when I hear rappers yapping about busting caps in people’s asses.

  • ken

    I, for one, thank God the actors are finally getting involved.

  • Patrick B

    More of Lenin’s “useful idiots”. The confusion of fame with anything resembling intelligence or judgement is one of the besetting sins of our day. Of course, with the news and entertainment business being so hopelessly intertwined (see CBS/Viacom etc) one can understand—-but let us not condone.

  • scott orrell

    Thanks. Good job Mr. Alexander. Now go home.

  • Anonymous

    the goal of this project is to awaken the voice of the silent majority…
    Whenever anyone invokes the illusory “silent majority” (or the “people”, the “poor”, the “disenfranchised”), I tend to become highly skeptical of the subject matter.

  • sligobob

    I don’t get it. The guy marries Britney Spears for about a day and now he is an ambassador of peace?

  • Israel’s founding was just. The last time that region was a sovereign nation was when it was the Jewish state of Judea, and Jews had been returning there ever since they were massacred and expelled by the Romans. No other distinct people claimed it, the Jews always claimed it and Israel featured prominently in Jewish ritual and literature throughout the diaspora. Many of the “Palestinians” emigrated there more recently than many of the Jews.
    Yes, there are Palestinians with long family histories in the region. There are also many Jews with long family histories in the region. The UN recognized this when it proposed 2 states in 1948. The Arabs rejected that offer.
    Any formulation that ignores the 3000 year Jewish presence and affinity for Israel is unjust.