It’s public radio, isn’t it?

It’s public radio, isn’t it?
: CarTalk has dropped Real because it’s so obnoxious and is now on Windows Media. [via PaidContent]

If only we could get them — and Studio 360 — to drop the pain-in-the-butt Audible.

Why wouldn’t Public Radio just put up MP3s? What’s the harm? It’s free radio anyway. They want people to listen. They’re surely not making any real money from Audible.

Just put it up.

In the meantime I solved my Audible problem (never could get it installed on my Treo; support was spotty and unhelpful) by getting Replay Radio and I’m just recording the shows myself.

  • Aaron

    I like Audible for transferring NPR shows and MarketPlace to my portable device and would really miss Audible if it vanished. I understand how Audible’s security can be a pain though.

  • Del Simmons

    Audible’s security is a joke.
    A simple Google search will show how to convert Audible files to MP3 with not much hassle. I do it all the time so I can listen to my Audible audiobooks on my Archos Jukebox.
    Email me if you need some tips..

  • John Anderson

    I sorta like the move, and sorta don’t. I suspect they moved to the latest version 9 (as I probably would have if just starting) and my old release 7 player won’t touch it.
    But WinMediaPlayer will record in MP3 format, maybe writing to the guys will help.

  • John Anderson, again

    Update: Real Player version 10 [the free version, yet] plays “”x.asx” WinMedia from the web under Win98, so it will be a bit longer before I absolutely have to upgrade or change op-sys.
    Too bad I otherwise despise Real.

  • Any organization that takes money from the government to broadcast nose-in-the-air, haughty, elitist anti-conservative rhetoric is not only not “free” radio, in any sense of the word, but it was apparently absent from class the day that the concept of irony was discussed.