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A node by any other name

A node by any other name
: Vint Cerf, one of the Internet’s polygamist parents (and a very nice guy) gives an interview to the BBC on the future of the net:

The Enum initiative attempts to turn phone numbers into net addresses and give people a universal way of contacting anyone, provided they know at least one e-mail, address, phone or pager number for them.

Allied to this is the work on Naming Authority Pointer Records (NATPR) that broadens the net’s reach considerably.

Mr Cerf has proposed extending the net to other planets

“It allows you to take a domain name and map it into whatever ID space you want to,” he said, “I think that’s a sleeping giant because it allows you to escape the bonds of the DNS and move into new naming spaces that have very different characteristics.”

NATPR allows almost anything, such as book or magazine ISDN codes, to become an address space that the net can work with.

[via Om Malik]


: I went out this morning for my run (no hangover; that’s the advantage of an incredibly dull New Year’s Eve) and looked up to see military jet contrails, seven of them, stretching out in spokes from New York as their hub.

: See the comments. Joi Ito is high on not being high.

Say it ain’t so

Say it ain’t so
: The Washington Post today debunks the Times story that argued (rather than reported) that CBS paid Michael Jackson $1 million for his 60 Minutes interview. I’ll bet we’ll be seeing one of those new, verbose Times corrections — or an Okrent ombudman column — any day now.

God bless New York and its attitude

orange.bmpGod bless New York and its attitude
: Orange-alert hats to ring in the high-security New Year! It is our city’s f.u. to the terrorists.

: Snored on the couch until my son woke me up 10 minutes before midnight; it’s our New Year’s Eve tradition. Survived Dick Clark’s product placement (interviewing M&Ms). Now going back to sleep.

: Happy New Year, my friends.

: But a few security alerts before bed….

: In Washington a jet in from England was detained on the tarmac as passengers were questioned.

: The NY Times reports that a plane from Mexico was sent back.

The American authorities in the last week directed a United States-bound flight from Mexico to turn around in midair and imposed extraordinary security measures on at least six other incoming flights because of terrorist concerns, federal officials said Wednesday.Officials were so concerned about possible attacks on at least five foreign flights that landed in the United States, including one on Wednesday night at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, that they moved the planes away from the main terminals and rescreened the passengers.

: See this photo, too: Orange hats and the red, white & blue.