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Playing politics with tragedy

Playing politics with tragedy
: The mullahs of Iran continue to play politics while their people suffer.

They refused Israeli aid.

They accepted U.S. aid.

Then they complained about U.S. aid.

Now they refuse a humanitarian visit from Elizabeth Dole.

Gaffe-a-day Dean

Gaffe-a-day Dean
: Gene Expression has a nifty compilation of Howard Dean gaffes. A few of the smellier dingleberries:

On culpability for 9/11

Dean responded,


: Roger Friedman at FoxNews continues to pile on — properly — the shoddy reporting and writing by NY Times reporter Sharon Waxman when she alleged that CBS paid Michael Jackson for his interview.

So throw Waxman’s name on the same list as those of disgraced reporters Jayson Blair, Lynette Holloway, Rick Bragg, Bernard Weinraub, Charlie LeDuff and who knows who else at the Times.

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: Jackie has a succinct and eloquent if parenthetical description of the change that has come over her and many more:

…back when I was still convinced that war was worse than genocide and indefinite oppression…

Pissed-off dweebs

Pissed-off dweebs
: Man, the means of protest are getting dweeby. The latest pissy foot-stomping of the antiwar clique is Guantanamo Bay Lock-up Day:

How To Take Part

On Monday January 5th (or, for maximum effectiveness, late at night on Sunday the 4th of January) we will be asking you to do any or all of the following:

– Choose a door, a gate, a vehicle or anything else in your neighbourhood that’s vulnerable and lock it up nice and tight.

– If you have access to anything that needs keys to operate, see that the keys are safely misplaced (or replaced with the wrong keys) for 24 hours.

– If you consider the situation to be a suitable one, use on of our handy notices to let the world know just what the hell is going on

Dos and Don’ts

Do be careful. Don’t be an idiot. Placing yourself at risk of arrest or endangering the lives of others is not the point of this exercise.

Yes, please don’t be an idiot.

: But here’s some idiocy, suggesting vandalism with locks and keys at restrooms. So the pissy can’t piss.