No Jayson Blair

No Jayson Blair
: Emily Bell writes in the Guardian that Andrew Gilligan is no Jayson Blair.

Right. He’s worse.

Blair was merely a psychotic liar who didn’t bother trying to act like a journalist in the end and who only wanted to cheat to keep his job.

Gilligan is worse because he does try to act like a real journalist, even as he single-handedly devalues the credibility of the craft.

Gilligan is worse because he operates on an agenda — anti-war, anti-American, anti-Blair.

Gilligan is worse because he has defenders who share his agenda — BBC executives, numbnutty journalist unions — and who will fall with Gilligan and risk bringing down the BBC and, again, the credibility of jouranlism with them.

Gilligan is worse because he does not have even the same decency as a psychotic liar; he does not have the decency to save his network and his profession; he does not have the decency to quit now.

Gilligan is a bad reporter. He is poison to journalism. The last act of his bosses should be to sack him before they then quit.

  • Jayson Blair? That description of Gilligan sounds more like Paul Krugman. Paul no longer cares if you can take a minute and fact check his work, his lies are becoming so transparent that he ceased to be an economist to pursue a career as a shill.

  • BigFire

    Re: StarBanker
    Don’t you know that Paul is banking on that Nobel Prize that’s due any year now?

  • Ebb Tide

    re: Gilligan
    I guess making up quotes (that people never actually said) and making up a story that seems like it should be true, isn’t the same as researching and writing a story based on facts. But which one sounds like more fun and leaves more time for drinking in bars and having people tell you how great you are?
    Watergate ruined it for reporters today, they want to have their watergate fame in the 2 hrs it takes to watch the movie…. forget that it takes hours of boring research, that part isn’t glamorous, skip that part, because you already KNOW how it is supposed to be, and then just write the story up.
    The fact that the higher-ups at the BBC are starting to resign is a good sign, but a better sign would have been for them to demand accurate, journalistic reporting to begin with!!!
    The tragic fact that the suicide of David Kelly was the single thing that prompted this investigation is poignant… otherwise no one would have tried to see if Gilligan made it up, they preferred to just believe it.

  • rivlax

    Oh, would that we were back in the days when mere blind ambition fueled the reporter. That was understandable, even acceptable, and it often led to great journalism. But now, for too many, the fuel is blind ideology coupled with an ends-justifies-the-means easy dismissal of truth and fairness. The end result is too often journalism that can only be defended by saying, “Well, it’s better than being in a dictatorship!”

  • Where’s the evidence that Gilligan is anti-Blair? One impeccably pro-war British newspaper says the guy has shown no party sympathies.