Everybody’s a winner

Everybody’s a winner
: Katie Couric to Howard Dean this morning: “Let’s talk about your second-place victory in New Hampshire.”

  • John Alt


  • John Alt

    Well…..now my comment doesn’t make any sense.
    It did say John Dean.
    [ sorry Howard, I mean John… Yes, I fixed it and I thought I’d then killed your helpful fact-check… my bad twice – jeff ]

  • Katie needs to wake the hell up.

  • Richard Cook

    Anyone that listens to Katie for political commentary “swims with fins of lead”.

  • ron

    What a maroon.
    Someone please explain what that old-fashioned, dumbed-down, sugar-coated twink-fest is doing in the news division in the first place (other than pumping up revenues).

  • Angus Jung

    What other reason do they need?

  • Richard Meixner

    She’s ditzie and rude. But don’t get me going on Katie “What? No ‘Thank you.’?” Couric…