The art of losing

The art of losing
: There’s an art to losing well and Howard Dean certainly hasn’t gotten it. He goes from irrational exuberance to petulant pissiness:

Sharply criticizing the Iowa caucuses, Howard Dean said Saturday that the Democratic Party in that state must police against negative attacks at precinct meetings if it wants to keep its leadoff role in the presidential nominating process.

“While I believe that Iowa should be first,” Dean said, “I think they’re going to have to change their process to prohibit that kind of behavior inside the caucuses, because if that were to continue, I wouldn’t do it again,” Dean said.

The former Vermont governor, who finished a distant third in Iowa, told reporters that his opponents “had their folks really beating up on the people who went in, trying to get them to change their minds in caucus.”

Dean has blamed his Iowa loss on negative attacks he suffered as a one-time front-runner in the race. His comments Saturday sounded like sour grapes to some in Iowa.

Or it could be that people didn’t want to vote for you, Howie. If you think your supporters are so easily cowed, well, then, you don’t have a great deal of respect for them and they don’t have very strong support for you, eh?