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The betting line

The betting line
: The stats kid discovered by Kaus gives his final projections: Kerry wins in the 30s; Dean recovers to the mid-20s; Edwards is third; Clark is fourth and thus toast; Lieberman is Lieberman.


: This was an accidental blank post from my phone but suddenly a dozen comments about the radio show appeared, so I’m leaving it here.

More from Blogging of the

More from Blogging of the President
: A Republican strategist, Max Fose, says there will be an 800 pound gorilla on the Internet and “that will be George Bush and his Internet campaign.” Why? Email addresses. They still belong in the direct mail church.

He talks about letter and talk-show campaigns through this “avenue to activism.” Josh calls him on it: “That’s very top-down.”

A caller, Elvira asks the question of the night: What the hell does “blog” mean?

And Josh gets a fan call.

Blogging of the President: I’m

Blogging of the President
: I’m in a studio in Newark at WBGO listening to the feed of Chris Lydon’s Blogging of the President as I wait to go on at 10p. Call in.

Chris is doing a good job explaining this thing to the larger audience. Josh Marshall is soft-spoken and smart, as usual. Ed Cone is level-headed about the reality of technology. But the best is hearing the calls. So call in.

The latest caller admitted trying to blog for two days. She prefers paper.

From the house that hype built

From the house that hype built
: Subhed on a Newsweek cover story on Kerry:

Forget the hype about blogs and backpacks. It’s all about getting warm bodies to the polls.