FedEx sucks

FedEx sucks
: It’s customer-service day here at Buzzmachine. My next rant: FedEx.

I got my own account and was all jazzed using the online tools to create my own labels and send my own packages.

Look how I’ve come up in the world: I’m in the mailroom!

But I’m not smart enough to work in the mailroom. FedEx makes choosing how to send a package wildly and needlessly complicated. I have decide whether it’s express or ground or home or freight or….

They want me to think like a FedEx employee when FedEx should, instead, think like a customer. They should ask me what matters — speed or cost — and then figure out how to send it for me the fastest or cheapest way.

But, no, I went through all kinds of hell to make these selections. Then the drivers didn’t show up. So then I had to reschedule.

And now the packages are lost and FedEx shuttles me from department to department.

Bottom line:

FedEx, competition to the US Postal Service, has turned into the US Postal Service. Customer service and reliability are every bit as bad as the Post Office at its worst.

FedEx sucks.