Blogging the revolution in Iran!

Blogging the revolution in Iran!
: There is now an official weblog from the reformist protesters running the sit-in at the Iranian Parliament.

It appears that Hoder inspired them with his suggestion. He’s a bit critical of the effort, as a blog.

But I say look past that and recognize what’s really happening here: These protesters/reformers/revolutionaries (we’ll see how it turns out) would otherwise be cut off from telling their story to the world and their nation via the press or TV. But thanks to a free blog they are now publishing their news to the world — around the authorities — and so the whole world is watching.

Weblogs (and Hoder) are changing the history of Iran. It’s not just that the revolution will be blogged but that blogs will cause the revolution. Power to the people, indeed!

The blog is in Persian, so Hoder suggests writing them to suggest starting an English-language blog, too, so their story really reaches outside. Here’s their email (and dontcha love it):