Butt out of the home, Mr. President

Butt out of the home, Mr. President
: The NY Times reports today that the Bush administration wants to spend $1.5 billion to promote marriage.

None of government’s GD business.

Government is there to run the government, not our home.

Neither the sanctity nor the success of marriage is government’s business.

This should cut across ideological lines.

In fairness, NPR said tonight that the Clinton administration also pushed marriage as a backdoor to reducing welfare.

Well, it’s still not government’s business. Rightwingers (other than religious nutballs) should object to government spending money on this. Libertarians should object to government interference i nthe home. The left should object to this closed moral stance.

Save the money. Go to Mars. Whatever. But stay the hell out of our homes.

: Matthew Yglesias suggests instead a Federal Dating Service.