Boom Box + Boob Tube = Boob Box?

boombox.jpgBoom Box + Boob Tube = Boob Box?
: An hour after I wrote the post below about satellite-delivered TV to cars leading to a world where TV and any content will be anywhere, I get onto the R train in New York.

And here comes a guy with a portable DVD player.

Now that was interesting just from a media-geek perspective: TV everywhere.

But then it got interesting from a sociological perspective.

The guy is playing hiphop videos on his DVD and the volume’s high. We ride a few stops. I very slyly take the picture you see here with my phone. Then, at 14th Street, a woman — older, same race, which is relevant to what’s next — comes over to the guy and scolds him: “You need to get headphones.” He scowls and shouts, “F*** you.”

She says, “It’s rude and inconsiderate.”

He says, “I don’t f***ing care.”

She says that’s obvious.

He calls her a “fake n****” (which is a head-scratching epithet, if you think about it).

She stomps off. He keeps playing and then carries his DVD off at Canal Street.

Ah, New York, a media experience in and of itself.